Intraday call

    Intraday jackpot Call

    Only equity cash

    Stocks  call

    Intraday level & view

    Nifty & Bank nifty view

    Minimum – 1 call

    Maximum – 2 call

    Support – only one day

    Daily update

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    Intraday call/Intraday jackpot call

    This is only for those who have joined our membership.

    Along with learning earning will also be available.

    Are you looking for intraday trading calls? So now you do not need to search because you have come to the right place.

    We published an educational intraday call for beginners. which helps students or traders to learn and identify trading smartly.

    If you want to work with us then you can join our intraday call. When you join it you get a chance to work with us. This payment only has one-day validity.

    Intraday call – For Intraday trading, intraday call in stock market trading for beginners.

    Stocks calls – In equity cash, intraday level & view, Nifty & Bank nifty view.

    Daily Minimum – 1 call, Maximum – 2 calls.

    Support – only one day (Daily update)

    Teacher/Instructor of online trading course

    Chandra dev Kumar

    Earning after joining.

    You can open a Demat account with either 5PAISA or ZERODHA.


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