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FAQs(Frequently asked questions)

  1. Q How to make money in the stock market for beginners?

Ans – For beginners, it is very easy to make money from the stock market. But for us, you have to learn first. We have to practice. Then you can earn money from the share market. If not then no.

2. QHow to earn 1 lakh per day from the share market?

Ans – For this, you have to create confidence in yourself. Or you do not get this confidence in a day or a month. To gain confidence one has to do penance for years. For that, you have to do a small amount of trading daily.

3. Q How to invest more money daily?

Ans – For this, you should choose a good stock. And invest a little bit every day in it.

4. QWhat percentage of day traders make money?

Ans – If you are new then you should keep a target of 1%. That too when you know. If not then no.

5. QHow can I start trading and make money?

Ans – You can start a business and earn money. For that, you have to first open a trading account/Demat account. You can trade with smaller amounts after adding the amount to the Demat account.

6. Q – How can I earn 500 daily in trading?

Ans – You can earn 500/- daily in trading. Those who want a 500/- daily income should have a minimum of fifty thousand rupees (50000/-) in their Demat account. And with this amount you can do intraday trading.


1. Q How can a beginner earn trading?

Ans – Newbies should learn first and practice later. I have also designed a Trading course for beginners which you can join.
And those people can easily earn money too.

2. QCan trading make you rich?

Ans – Yes, you can become rich by trading. If you want to get rich quickly from trading, then this cannot happen. You have to put in the time to get rich from trading.

3. Q – Which online trading course is best?

Ans –

We have 3 types of courses. We have Basic, Advanced and Premium courses.
The best course among these is the advanced course(Master trader course). Which makes you a master in the world of trading.

4. Q – Which course is best to become a trader?

Ans – The advance course is the best course to become a trader. if you know stock market basics. No, you can do our basic course first, then do the advanced course.

5. Q – Can I learn trading in 6 months?

Ans – You can learn trading in less than 6 months. Yadi you join our trading course you can learn trading in just 10 days. You also get 2-3 months of support with this course.

6. Q – Which professional course is best for the stock market?

The professional course – Master trader course is the best course for the stock market. It’s after you don’t need to learn anything for trading.

Note – If you have any questions related to trading? write a comment to it, we will try to answer your question as soon as possible.


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