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No.1 Online Trading Course in Hindi. Know about trading basics, technical analysis, chart reading and F&O.

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Learn trading basics for beginners

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Future & Option Program

Stock market future & option for Expert

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Master Trader Program

Study chart reading for intermediate

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Trading Courses – Learn to earn easily and smartly. If you want to learn to trade, then you have reached the right place, we have courses for beginners to experts.

Trading Bulletin – If you are looking for call trading, then you have come to the right place, you can join our trading bulletins for trading calls for a month to a year. Learning and earning will also be available.

Intraday Call/ Membership/ Partnership/ Website – 


Vision and mission of our Teacher

My aim is to learn more and more people, all my courses and bulletins think only about learning and skill development.

Without learning

We have started trading services to make trading easy.
If you want to start trading without learning, then you can start trading with our Membership You can also join Intraday calls for learning purposes. and In after you can join the Trading bulletin.

After learning

If you want to start trading after learning, you can start with our Basic course. You can also join Advanced course(Master trader course) to learn. And after that, you can join the Premium course(Future and option course).
This is all for beginners to learn.

Without Investment

Some people want money without investment, for them, I have started a Partnership.
You join our partnership and extend our service to others who want to learn to trade and want to do trading. We will also give you a token to identify you so that we will know that they have reached our services.

Instructor of online trading course
Mr Chandradev Kumar – Instructor

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FAQs, s – Why choose us?

  • We train you for trading within 10 days,
  • And we give you 2 to 3 months of live support, in which you can clear your dot, without any hesitation,
  • You will learn everything in your favourite language Hindi,
  • By taking our course you can easily earn money from trading without any help.

Features of our Stock Market Trading Courses & Bulletin

Which is the best online course for stock trading?

The Best online trading course in Hindi,
Trade in Intraday, Positional, Swing, Short term & Long-term trading, Equity cash, Future and Option.


1) Basic course

2) Advance course

3) Premium course

What course would you recommend learning stock trading?

You should start our basic course, then an advanced course and a premium course.

  1. Basic course,

2. Advance course,

3. Premium course.

Learn trading at your own place.

Note – if you join our trading Course, you are earning after learning.

What to do the satisfaction of stock market trading?

Best stock market trading courses for beginners, intermediates & Experts.

If, you know the work, then only you get satisfaction. For that, you have to learn.

Which is the best trading bulletin for stock trading?

You should start trading from our stock market monthly bulletin. (You can only check it for a month.) –

  1. Monthly Bulletin

2. Quartly bulletin

3. Half-yearly bulletin

4. Yearly bulletin.

Note – if you join our trading bulletin, earning with learning will also be available. and more trading data available on the NSE website.










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Which course to do for chart reading?
Which course to do for chart reading?
If you want to move forward in life then make yourself deaf.

If you want to move forward in life then make yourself deaf.