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Know about us Chandra dev Kumar is the founder of an online trading course a professional trader, chart educator & market psychologist. My all courses start through only learning and skill development.

Adviser of Online Trading course
Mrs Kajal Bharti – CMO

Founder of Mr Chandra dev Kumar


Founder of  Mr Chandra dev Kumar

Know about us

Welcome to our website www.onlinetradingcourse.in, do you know? the online trading course published trading courses and bulletin.

Chandra dev Kumar is the founder of an Online trading course and a professional trader, chart educator & market psychologist. I have seen this market closely and understand it. this experience is too than 5 years in the stock market.

we are dedicated to providing you with the best education in my online share market trading courses and bulletin, with a focus on dependability,
I am working to turn our passion for online share market trading courses and bulletin, into a booming online trading education. We hope you enjoy our service as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

Earn Money

I have started this service keeping the need of people in mind so that more and more people can earn money. 

Without Learning

Some people want to earn money but do not want to learn and initially they have a very less money budget. For them, I have started services like – Membership, Intraday calls and Bulletin.
They can also earn money by joining our service.

After Learning

Those who want to learn first, want money later. I have started a trading course for them – if they are new they can start our basic course. After that advanced courses can also be learned. Lastly one can join the premium course if they want to take up options trading.

Without Investment

I have started partnerships for those people who want to earn money without investment.
You should refer our services to other people. People who want to learn trading or want to do trading.
If they join our services, then you will earn from it.
For this, we will also give you an identification mark. By which we will also know how many people you have reached.

But I am not a SEBI registered.

Currently, our website is only an education & learning provider.
If you want to trade/invest, you join me.

Most of the expenditure in the world is spent on knowledge. Invest money in education.

Our instructors

Trainer of Mr. Chandra dev Kumar


Trainer of online trading course

Mr Chandradev Kumar

Learn Stock Market Basics, Chart Reading, Technical Analysis and Market Psychology. Only then you can become a good trader.

In this market, Not only the desire for money, but you should also know how to save money, only then you will be able to work in the market.







Adviser of Online Trading course
CMO & Adviser
Mrs Kajal Bharti

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